brothercyst: 2010 SUCKED?

Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 SUCKED?

I just went to the movies with my old high school teacher (ten years!) and had a fucking great time.  Had lunch.  Listened to Leon Russell.  Feel good.  Got back from Oak Ridge, Tennessee, the "secret city."  Met some relatives I'd never met before, who were awesome.


Went to church a few days ago.  First time I'd been there since I was probably 14 or so.  I thought "This'll be fine, I can zone out, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, think about things or about nothing... I could use a break."  What I forgot is they design it so you can't do that.  Stand up!  Sit down!  Sing!  Kneel!  It never ends.  Getting on your knees and waiting there for four, five minutes is miserable.  I don't know how those old people do it.  A lifetime of kneeling, I guess you get used to it.


The first time I went to church I was four years old.  My mother whispered to me to explain what was going on.  When they did the communion bit, she said, "They're Catholic, so they believe that actually turns into his blood, and that actually turns into his body."  A few minutes later, I screamed in the middle of church: "Oh my God, they're eating him!


EDIT: What on Earth?


Reading about people's miserable 2010s on Jezebel is addictive.

I guess I had a relatively good 2010.

The Bad: Depressing breakup early on.  Didn't get a writing job I wanted.  Fired old agent.  Didn't see family much.  No reliable source of income.  Irregular freelance work can't stop money from dwindling.  Didn't read enough novels.

The Good: Glorious Dominican Republic trip in January.  Fun in Los Angeles.  Started driving again.  Made lots of good new friends.  Got new agent.  Wrote multiple scripts with Ned.  Was best man at wedding.  Midnight Picnic won a Shirley Jackson Award.  Swam outside in warm sun and driving rain.  Published some short stories.  Stayed in cool new places.  Wrote new script at the end of the year.

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