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Saturday, December 11, 2010


Weird.  I got two letters from the cops regarding a complaint I filed way back in the spring in an effort to get reimbursed for about $400 in tow yard fees I had to pay to recover my car when an Ivan Drago lookalike cop took it. The whole situation was such bullshit that the desk sergeant took one look at it and waived my police impound fee so I figured why not try to recoup the other costs too.  I'm sort of pleasantly surprised they even replied to 4 or 5 page long cranky letter.  Their two letters were sent on the same day, ostensibly from the same office (although the letterhead is different; weird) but one says my complaint has no grounds whatsoever and the other acknowledges "the involved deputy acted rudely."  Fair enough.  I did encounter some very nice people at the sheriff's station.

Also, here's an interesting document that was posted in their station.  Does this mean that if the police come into your house with a search warrant and toss the place, you owe them $10?

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tinmaninc said...

I would think that it is probably for searching your record to see if there are any warrants out for your arrest. I had to do a search like this for my visa application in Saudi.