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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Short film based on a story by Chelsea Martin.  A couple of moments when I laughed out loud.  Good acting by the cat.  Slightly NSFW.



In other movie news, The Dilemma, that movie with the loathsome trailer I've seen five million times because it played in front of every movie for the last five months, the trailer which enraged me the first time I saw it, has bombed.  Let me count the things that make me hate The Dilemma trailer:
  • Opens with a gay joke.
  • Features two movie stars grown grotesquely fat.  Vince Vaughn and Kevin James couldn't even go to the gym to shape up for this movie they both got paid millions of dollars for?  They're enormous, doughy, like cartoons of themselves.  They've made themselves into symbols of excess, indulgence, sloth.  What makes it worse is...
  • They're paired with Winona Ryder and Jennifer Connelly, who look like deer.  They would never have been allowed to appear in a major, mainstream motion picture if they'd turned into the slobs that Vaughn and James have.  The Dilemma is a visual indictment of our radically unbalanced beauty standards for men and women.
  • The whole premise is insane, divorced from reality.  Guy finds out his best friend's wife is cheating.  Should he tell him or not?  That's "the dilemma."  OF COURSE HE SHOULD FUCKING TELL HIM.  Unbelievable.
  • Ends with a piss joke.

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ned-vizzini said...

Good points about the trailer. BUT Kyle Smith's review: