Tuesday, January 11, 2011


FYI, writers, New Haven Review now pays $500 for short stories.  So if you have even the most tangential connection to New Haven, submit.  Nobody's ever been published there twice, which isn't so good for me since I had a story in their third issue, when the pay was $0.  Also, they're now publishing books -- I'm gonna get some galleys soon and am excited to read.

I've been having trouble migrating some files from one computer to another.  Annoying.

Reading Swamplandia soon.

There were some entertaining letters about "The Lacerations" ("sick, man, sick"), which is nice, b/c people read it.

Saw David Levithan read from The Lover's Dictionary -- very clever, entertaining.

Tonight I'm watching Lights OutExcited.  EDIT: Just watched Lights Out.  Best pilot I've seen in years, I think.  Intrigued to see more.

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