brothercyst: THE BUS

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


I was driving back from a meeting this afternoon.  I stopped at a stoplight.  To my left was a bus and on the other side of it, more cars.  I heard a strange noise out the open window, several yelping grunts, unmistakably male, like the sound of sharp pain or sexual release.  I looked out my window and didn't see anything out of the ordinary in the bus or the cars.  Maybe it was actually a car sound, someone's tires doing something odd?  Then someone yelled "Hey... hey you, man." I looked back out and the bus driver, a large man, was gesturing at me.  I said, "What?"  He goes, "Were you looking around, like somebody made a funny noise?"  I said, "Yeah."  He goes, "Well, pray for me.  Because that was me burping." And then the bus drove away.  What?

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