brothercyst: EARLY

Monday, February 07, 2011


I've been waking up incredibly early lately.  Jolting awake at 4 am.  Then, after only a few hours of sleep, I feel incredibly calm and awake until around 3 in the afternoon when, if I'm at home, something in my brain shuts down and I have to take a nap.

Went to Manhattan Beach yesterday for a meeting with people who, like me, did not care about the game.  Then came home and wrote until midnight, then watched Spartacus: Gods of the Arena on the DVR.  I like it.

I really want to see Dogtooth while it's still in theaters.


ARA said...

I just saw "Dogtooth"... incredibly brilliant and odd, very very odd.

Little Miss Nomad said...

You can rent it on Amazon VOD for 99 cents right now.