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Friday, February 04, 2011

Wanted and Salt

Angelina Jolie is so profoundly miscast as a person with arm strength.


Staying in tonight to write.  Eating kale and pasta. 


Re-read Feed this week for fun.  I really love that book.  Clockwork Orange, the YA version.


Review of Swamplandia! for The Daily Beast.


I saw these movies in the theater:

No Strings Attached: Funny, better than the average romantic comedy.  A former classmate at Yale wrote this movie (original title: Fuckbuddies).  The script was good, and actually most of the movie's flaws seemed to be the result of direction rather than script.  I liked Portman better in this than I liked her in Black Swan.  Kutcher inoffensive.

Seconds Apart: Part of the "After Dark" horror movie festival.  Beautiful shot, and pleasing performances by the two homicidal twins.  Antonio Negret directed.  Script was a little off the wall, but overall the movie was really pleasing.  

Fertile Ground: Also at the "After Dark" festival... shot by the same DP as Seconds Apart, Yaron Levy, and looks lovely for what I think is a very small budget.  Unexpectedly there were some genuine scares.  And the sequence in which a clogged toilet leads to the discovery of a child's buried skull was great.

The Task: Another "After Dark" movie... the less said, the better.

Now to go see The Roommate.

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