brothercyst: KOKO JOSHUA

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I've been rereading Peter Straub's Koko.  Pleasing. 

Last night I watched George Ratliff's film JoshuaIt's awesome.  Best "creepy kid" movie that I've seen in a very long time.  The score by Nico Muhly is a little pushy/annoying, but that's my only complaint, and the song that Joshua plays at the end (written, startlingly, by Dave Matthews) is great and perfect for the film.  Sam Rockwell is great and so is Vera Farmiga (although in this case, that meant I loathed her character).  What a creepy film.  The final sequences, during which Rockwell realizes what his son is up to and starts keeping him at arm's length in the house to protect the baby, are great. 

"Dad, I'm scared." 
"Go to bed." 
Closes bedroom door, locks it.


AddledWriter said...

Just saw you're a quarterfinalist in the Amazon contest. Congrats!

pb said...

Dave Matthews- who I never thought to check out- also wrote the beautiful last song from the movie 21 grams. Blew my mind it was him.