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Thursday, March 10, 2011


I've been reading a lot of nonfiction lately.  Nothing mindblowing.  Looking for a good book to devour.  Yesterday I watched Training Day again.  I had forgotten what a great movie it is.  And what a great screenplay.  Everything in the script is there for a reason, used for a purpose.

I was re-reading the stories in Teatro Grottesco a little bit on Tuesday.  They make my stomach hurt.

Last night I was out at a birthday party, bowling.  I don't know how to bowl.  Then I noticed the guy next to me was David Arquette.  I love David Arquette, he's one of the most underrated actors around (and he was in two of the most underrated movies around, Antonia Bird's Ravenous and Tim Blake Nelson's The Grey Zone).

Also, here's an interview where the stand-up comedian Louis CK asks Donald Rumsfeld over and over if he is a lizard person who has tasted human flesh (as per the theories of David Ickes).

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