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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Wrote some words about Spurious by Lars Iyer, which I liked.

I'm psyched to read Kit Reed's new collection, What Wolves Know.  From The Financial Times:

by Kit Reed
PS Publishing £19.99 232 pages

Kit Reed has published 22 novels and over a hundred short stories, has garnered awards, and remains as critically feted as she is commercially underrated. A reason for this is that she one of those authors whose work loiters at the mainstream edge of SF. She calls herself "transgenred" acknowledging the problem that her fiction is too fantastical for most literati and too literary for most fans of the fantastic.

Her new collection,
What Wolves Know, available in a limited edition from a small press, is unlikely to raise her profile dramatically. It is, however, confirmation of an extraordinary, still-burning talent. Here are tales of mothers who are monstrous in their maternalness, families on the brink of implosion, children mutated by parental pressure in every dream home a dystopia.

Of particular note are the title story, about a boy raised by wolves who struggles to adapt to the modern world; The Blight Family Singers", a bizarre satire on the Von Trapps; and the seething "Special," with its splendidly mordant and unforeseeable punchline. --James Lovegrove 


Trevor said... you still read books, or have you moved on to digital format?

N A said...

I still read books.