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Monday, April 04, 2011


Just paid my taxes, feel like I've been stabbed in the face.  How is it possible I owe so much money to the government when I made so much less money in 2010 than I have in any other year since 2005, and I got refunds in all those years?*

I saw Win Win today, which I loved.  Not my usual thing, but definitely the best movie I've seen this year.  Sideways-level Giamatti, although slightly less corrosive.  Loved it.

* yes, i understand how it's possible. i just hate it.


Ben Spivey said...

Taxes suck.

Jeff Pert said...

I probably won't be seeing this, only because watching the trailer (which I've seen previous to you posting here) spoiled the film for me, as so many trailers do now. Same thing happened w/ the "Insidious" trailer. They had me reeled in but good and then in the last few seconds dropped a major plot point/twist. I don't when trailer producers were first told to tell the entire story in the trailer, but it's effing ridiculous. The answer might be to stop watching trailers, but then I'd end up seeing a lot of crappy movies I didn't want to see.

Then again, if this is my biggest problem today, life's good. Thanks for allowing me to rant.

Jeff P.

Ian said...

Don't get me started on taxes. Because of a SNAFU related to international taxation, I am getting hit for over 80% (between two governments) of the income I earned while working in neurosurgery in Ireland for 6 months. We're having to borrow money to pay our taxes this year. Oh well, didn't want to buy any stuff for the new baby anyhow...

N A said...

oh god. so sorry, ian. maybe you can just not pay the irish taxes and never go to that country again?