brothercyst: RECOVERY

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


A good night's sleep for once, meaning 3 am to 8:30, and I slept for all of it.  Yesterday was just part of the weekend...part of the long Sunday.  I was productive.  I need money.  When will checks arrive!?  I keep scouring Wikipedia during down moments and reading about interesting crimes.  It's unsettling how Wikipedia lists serials killers by number of victims, like a scoreboard.  I had never even heard of Harold Shipman.  Also been watching Pretty Little Liars.  This is for research -- seriously.  Also, Estella Warren did something pretty sexy last night.  Just kidding, throw away the key.  Wait, I can't decide if I was kidding.  Back to work.


pb said...

Holy crap. Slipped out of her cuffs? I love that she's really 40.

N A said...

She used to be an olympic swimmer or something though.... could she really fake her age?

pb said...

Yeah, who knows. I think probably the Wiki age mentioned in the comments is more accurate.