Sunday, May 29, 2011


When I was a kid, I didn't have TV until I was six or seven, and even then we only had a tiny black & white TV for years.  I could only watch the four major channels and even those were nearly unwatchable.  I was also not allowed to play with toy guns (although I do remember my neighbor, who worked for the government, once showing me the small arsenal he kept in his house, which included assault rifles) and discouraged from any sort of violent language.  However, my elementary school friends Ben and Phil and I (and other friends who came and went) constantly played games in which we hunted and killed each other, either with swords or makeshift guns.  Our games were really quite violent, and I recall many debates about how badly we had wounded each other ("No, the bullet just grazed my head").  The video below reminds me of such games.  The kid actors in this video are having so much fun.  Do not watch if you think you might be disturbed or offended by images of children playing violent games, very luridly illustrated.

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