brothercyst: SATURDAY

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Long weekend... close friends' new baby was born yesterday and I'm going to visit them in a bit.  Very exciting.  Read more House of Sleep.  Have been working pretty nonstop on a TV project which I hope sometime soon I'll be able to write more about; suffice to say it's very, very different than Fires or Midnight Picnic.  Another thing I'd like to write more about when I can is an indie horror movie that's supposed to shoot this summer based on a script I wrote and that I'm excited about, despite the surreal and occasionally heartbreaking development process.  But it's not real 'til it's on imdb, right?  Anyway, back to work, then to meet the baby.  New human!  Amazing.


pb said...

Give my congrats.

ned-vizzini said...

Thanks for meeting the new human! You're one of the very first.