brothercyst: SHELTER

Monday, May 23, 2011


Been awake for quite some time, writing a couple things.  I took a break and watched The Killing and Game of Thrones from last night.  Both quite good.

My Blackberry is acting strangely.

Started reading The House of Sleep.

Noah Cicero was in town last week and I had a drink with him and Ned Vizzini.  Noah just graduated college and looks good.  Life's good.

I feel like when I stay awake for this long, the deterioration of my immune system is really rapid. Upon thinking about it a moment longer though, the ill effects on my health probably have more to do with correlation than causation since, while I normally live a relatively healthy life, what with exercise and eating a fair amount of fruits and vegetables and not smoking or using drugs, when I stay awake for two days straight the situation always involves lots of (legally prescribed) Adderall, endless sodas, bags of chips, and a specially purchased pack of cigarettes.  So those are some reasons why I feel kind of gross, but extremely focused and productive, right now.


Trevor said...

Specially purchased pack of cigarettes?

I wish I could stop smoking..I have quit repeatedly this year, but my wife still smokes (although it's only half as much as I generally smoke daily) and coworkers smoke and life's little stresses tempt me into bumming and...well, it's immensely difficult.

N A said...

Yeah I hadn't smoked in a long time but sometimes when I'm working nonstop it's just a necessary part of the ritual. Smoked half the pack and gave the rest away.