Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I just tossed an apple core in a trash can at the pool and the trash rustled and a squirrel hopped onto the edge and glared at me.  The fur around its mouth was darker, matted, and wet.  It was like a wino squirrel.  I was relieved when it wandered away.  A few minutes later I was sitting in a beach chair in the shade and reading when the tree above me shook and a squirrel fell to the ground, far more clumsily than squirrels usually descend from trees.  It looked at me angrily.  Its mouth looked dark, wet, and strange.  Then it ran away.  I wondered if it might be the same squirrel, but I was pretty sure this one had a stringier tail.  Then from the bushes I heard some of them barking at each other hysterically.  I started to be worried that they all had some disease.  I put my book away pretty soon and left.  On my way out, I heard a shuddering in the bushes beside the path and saw one of them hunched there, eating what looked like half a Fig Newton caked in dirt.  Its slimy mouth was coated with crumbs and it just kept munching as I walked by.  It didn't fear me at all.


Trevor said...

Lol..sounds like something you could/should work a story around..

Mom said...

While we're talking about nature stories that even your grandmothers can read, maybe you ought to submit your hilarious story about swimming with Ariel and the jelly fish... I laughed so hard I cried.
Love, Mom

N A said...

Submit my own blog?