brothercyst: SATURDAY

Sunday, July 24, 2011


My default mode is lamentation and complaint, but today was really a lovely day.  I can't be bothered to think of things that sucked.  I woke early and did a good bit of writing on a script.  Passed it back and forth with my screenwriting partner Ned, who was at Comic Con and texting me pictures of himself with the cast of Teen Wolf, a show we both love.  Then I took a short break and went to a friend's birthday party at Silver Lake Meadow, an unremarkable patch of grass by the reservoir.  Had brownies.  Saw Ned's wife Sabra and baby Felix, who cooed and gurgled.  Then came home and did more writing.  When I got home the mail had arrived and I got my very first check for TV writing, which was in the scheme of things not very big but was still bigger than all the money I've ever been paid for my novels and short stories combined in the history of my life.  Traded the script back and forth a little more.  Went out again and ate a burger from the Oaks Gourmet, which has maybe my favorite burgers in Los Angeles.  Spent a while in a conversation with a friend I really enjoyed talking to.  Sat out on my deck for a while.  Wanted a rare pack of cigarettes at 2:10 a.m. when CVS is closed, so I went down to Pink Dot, which is like 300 yards from my house.  They close at 2 a.m. and I knocked on the window but they refused to come out and open the door.  But then I noticed they deliver until 3 a.m.  So I called the number and had them deliver to their own front door.  Came back home and did some more writing.  Feeling pretty good.


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ned-vizzini said...

Hey I tried to leave an earlier comment but had technical difficulties. Just wanted to say, it's important to recognize the victories. Rock on.