Tuesday, August 23, 2011


A new website called Brooklyner just launched and I have a story called "Prunes at Gunpoint" in it.  It's fun!

If James Salter's in the running for short story prizes, everyone else can just give up.  Except like Alice Munro and William Trevor.

Last night I watched True Blood, Breaking Bad, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and maybe something else, I can't remember.  This weekend I saw Fright Night and Conan the BarbarianFright Night was extremely fun... Colin Farrell in particular was eating up his scenes like steak.  And the girl is gorgeous.

Then I read The Book of Werewolves.

Today I got in an elevator and Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner got in too.  I tried to look anywhere except at Tom Cruise, to avoid seeming like I knew it was Tom Cruise.  Then before I got off I made eye contact and he nodded, like, "I know you know I'm Tom Cruise.  It's ok.  Really."


Jeff Pert said...

Was Tom as short as everyone says he is? When I lived in L.A. I saw Sylvester Stallone, and I swear he barely came up to my waist. It's always a little odd seeing in person people you've only seen previously on a big screen.

N A said...

He didn't seem strikingly short. He's proportionate. He looked young, healthy, and movie star confident.

Jeff Pert said...

You're a funny guy, Nick, calling "Prunes" 'fun'. Great story, though.

Jeff P.