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Friday, October 14, 2011


Hm. Well, I like Michael Fassbender more than almost any other actor in his age group, and I like squalid movies about sex addiction, so I'll definitely be seeing this.

But this earnest music is a little silly. And I laughed at the comment on this Hollywood Elsewhere post by someone named "LexG":

Alright, I can't wait to see this, but... come ON.

Fucking Fassbender in this interview DROPPING THE KNOWLEDGE about sex addiction, like it's some serious thing, like he isn't a noted world-class pussyhound. "Sex addiction." Otherwise known as "the ability to have sex." Funny how the movies about sex addiction are always about guys who look like Michael Fassbender fingering supermodels on the subway, or Rockwell fucking some LA 9 in a dank bathroom stall. For the Other 99%, "sex addiction" is more commonly known as "masturbating every day." Any Keith Gordon-as-Arnie Cuntingham-looking dweebs out there with Asperger's syndrome and a job at a canning factory who drive a 1978 Datsun have a SEX ADDICTION?

I mean, I know he's wrong, but still.

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Ken Baumann said...

I'll see it. Fassbender. Plus: HUNGER was great.