brothercyst: 1Q84

Friday, December 23, 2011


I asked a friend a while back if he intended to read 1Q84He said, "It's not my fault that Haruki Murakami is still alive and writing books."  I kind of felt the same way.  I did buy it though.  And I cracked it open today and ended up reading the first 125 pages (ie ~ 1/9th of the book) straight through.  So far, it's actually really great.  I'm surprised, somehow, although I don't know why I should be.  The last new-ish book I tried to read was The Night Circus, which completely bored me, although lots of people seem to love it.


Posted a few words about Sleeping Beauty on HTMLGIANT.  You'll never find it in a theater but it's still on demand and downloadable on Amazon.  See it!  I'm curious what other people think.


Ellis Shuman said...

Did you finish reading 1Q84? I enjoyed it, even though at 925 pages it was quite long. A good editor could have shortened it by a third, as I mentioned in my review of it. Still I am glad to add 1Q84 to my collection of Murakami.

N A said...

Yeah, I finished it. I thought it was good but like most other Murakami, the final third was kind of boring.

Joel said...

I think we all felt that wayabout the final third.