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Sunday, December 18, 2011


This Charles Platt piece about Philip K Dick's posthumously published notes reminded me of this fantastic, fascinating Philip K Dick speech which I've probably linked to before, perhaps several times, but that's ok, because I like to reread it every now and then.  It is a look at genius touched by madness.

Some books I read since this summer that I haven't written about:
Art of Fielding (pretty good, think Wonder Boys era Chabon with baseball)
You Deserve Nothing (awesome, feels like Salter mixed with Francine Prose)
House of the Scorpion (I liked this, Liz Hand recommended it to me, quite gripping YA)
The Last Werewolf (had its moments)
Lost in Cat Brain Land (insane stories.  "I am Meat, I am in Daycare" was excellent.  I like stories that give me ideas for other stories, and a lot of these did)

Been reclusive, reading, watching movies.  I saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo last week.  My god, was it boring.  Fincher's worst movie, by far.  I was seriously suffering.  I just watched Predators on TV.  That was pretty good.

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