brothercyst: May 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


What is this, why is there a rabbit smoking a pipe, and when can I see it?

Sunday, May 29, 2011


When I was a kid, I didn't have TV until I was six or seven, and even then we only had a tiny black & white TV for years.  I could only watch the four major channels and even those were nearly unwatchable.  I was also not allowed to play with toy guns (although I do remember my neighbor, who worked for the government, once showing me the small arsenal he kept in his house, which included assault rifles) and discouraged from any sort of violent language.  However, my elementary school friends Ben and Phil and I (and other friends who came and went) constantly played games in which we hunted and killed each other, either with swords or makeshift guns.  Our games were really quite violent, and I recall many debates about how badly we had wounded each other ("No, the bullet just grazed my head").  The video below reminds me of such games.  The kid actors in this video are having so much fun.  Do not watch if you think you might be disturbed or offended by images of children playing violent games, very luridly illustrated.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Long weekend... close friends' new baby was born yesterday and I'm going to visit them in a bit.  Very exciting.  Read more House of Sleep.  Have been working pretty nonstop on a TV project which I hope sometime soon I'll be able to write more about; suffice to say it's very, very different than Fires or Midnight Picnic.  Another thing I'd like to write more about when I can is an indie horror movie that's supposed to shoot this summer based on a script I wrote and that I'm excited about, despite the surreal and occasionally heartbreaking development process.  But it's not real 'til it's on imdb, right?  Anyway, back to work, then to meet the baby.  New human!  Amazing.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


A good night's sleep for once, meaning 3 am to 8:30, and I slept for all of it.  Yesterday was just part of the weekend...part of the long Sunday.  I was productive.  I need money.  When will checks arrive!?  I keep scouring Wikipedia during down moments and reading about interesting crimes.  It's unsettling how Wikipedia lists serials killers by number of victims, like a scoreboard.  I had never even heard of Harold Shipman.  Also been watching Pretty Little Liars.  This is for research -- seriously.  Also, Estella Warren did something pretty sexy last night.  Just kidding, throw away the key.  Wait, I can't decide if I was kidding.  Back to work.

Monday, May 23, 2011


California prisons are probably soon going to release a whole bunch of prisoners early.  Will this make my life more interesting?


Been awake for quite some time, writing a couple things.  I took a break and watched The Killing and Game of Thrones from last night.  Both quite good.

My Blackberry is acting strangely.

Started reading The House of Sleep.

Noah Cicero was in town last week and I had a drink with him and Ned Vizzini.  Noah just graduated college and looks good.  Life's good.

I feel like when I stay awake for this long, the deterioration of my immune system is really rapid. Upon thinking about it a moment longer though, the ill effects on my health probably have more to do with correlation than causation since, while I normally live a relatively healthy life, what with exercise and eating a fair amount of fruits and vegetables and not smoking or using drugs, when I stay awake for two days straight the situation always involves lots of (legally prescribed) Adderall, endless sodas, bags of chips, and a specially purchased pack of cigarettes.  So those are some reasons why I feel kind of gross, but extremely focused and productive, right now.

Thursday, May 05, 2011


Lots of sleep last night, although woke in a mild panic at 4 am from a dream about various forking paths.  I really want to go back to the Dominican Republic but until I know my schedule for the summer, I can't.  Here's something better to panic about.  Too many humans!  I can't wait to see Martha Marcy May Marlene. Anyone have a screener, or know of a screening? I swam yesterday and went to several meetings and went to an acting class at night.  I like watching actors work.  It calms me down.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


I love Tyler, the Creator, glad to see this big NYT article.  (Tyler, the Creator makes out with drunk girl coachella 2011.  "Jane, inappropriate! No, Jane!")  I ordered Goblin, can't wait to get it.  Today promises to be long but interesting.  Meetings.  Swimming.  Having dinner with an awesome cinematographer.  Have to finish a script revision.  What did I do yesterday?  Just stayed inside and wrote, watched George Washington and The Absence, a great short film by Alex Demille, shot beautifully by Dagmar Weaver-Madsen, with a score by my friend John Zalben.  Also watched more of The Killing, my new addiction.

Sunday, May 01, 2011


Just woke from a dream in which I was conducting interviews with Donald Trump for a documentary organized by Snoop Dogg (presumably because I watched this a week or two ago, although that doesn't explain why Robert De Niro was also in the dream, and so was an extended sequence of looking for parking in an area where the street signs and meters were confusing).  It's very sunny outside.  I got my California driver's license.