brothercyst: LDR & RAPGENIUS

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Every so often I get sucked into RapGenius, the website started as a hobby by some guys I know from New York that has now turned into a beast, with like actual investors and shit, and I spend a few hours clicking around.

Just now I noticed they've got exegeses for non-rap artists as well.  Like Lana del Rey.

Today at lunch we started talking about Lana del Rey.  Someone loathed her.  I defended her.  I find her superfascinating.  Not sexy, just creepy and enthralling.  And all so painfully self-aware, yet more magnetic because of it.  I feel like I'm watching a David Lynch movie when I watch her sing, even on the SNL performance.  The "Video Games" video is hypnotic.

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