brothercyst: RAIN

Sunday, March 25, 2012


It's a rare day of rain in Southern California.  This is a wonderful excuse to stay in and write.  (And also to read the Terry Southern and Bret Easton Ellis interviews in the Paris Review which arrived a few days ago.)  And tonight, Mad Men.

The signing was fun yesterday.  I'd never been to Dark Delicacies but I'll go there again.  My friend Kati almost couldn't make it because she and her roommate were trapped in her apartment by a psychotic squirrel (and they took the incredible picture below as proof) but then they showed up in the end, unbitten, bearing cookies.


Sara Habein said...

I have met squirrels like this. They aren't fooling around.

N A said...

An enormous raccoon comes to my door at night--I can hear him rustling around and if I go out and shine a light at him, he just looks at me. I'm really, really glad he's not rabid.