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Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Several weeks into Last Resort now; best job ever.  Good times.  Also, you can follow the Last Resort writers room on twitter.

Got home from work today to find the 1,000 page Complete Stories of J. G. Ballard.  Cannot wait to read.

Meanwhile, first two episodes of Teen Wolf season 2 aired in the last two days, got good reviews and ratings, and were generally excellent. Reviews and recaps tend to include lines like, "So what did you think of the lunacy that is Teen Wolf?" and "So in a scene that was just straight-up bonkers, Mr. and Mrs. Argent teamed up to apparently torture the school principal into retiring? WHAT ON EARTH?"  [Note: The principal was played, beautifully, by our former writers room colleague and onetime Lost writer Christian Taylor.]  Tweets include the popular, "Why is there a lizard on Teen Wolf?" in addition to the "I luv itttttt!!!" stuff.

Here's a great recap with tons of images.

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